If you ignore this advice about your depression or anxiety you will not get any better!

How might you be keeping yourself from happiness from avoiding painful emotions?

You could be hitting the wall that you can break though.

    • The greatest problem I see in my private practice is people like you trying to escape from painful emotions. Read on to learn about a couple of examples of people I¬†treated who were stopped in their tracks from recovery.
    • A woman and a man just like you were immobilized because they formed a bad habit, by: trying to block out very painful emotions. They numbed themselves and created lots of pain and fatigue from trying to block out emotional pain. They couldn’t regulate their sleep cycles and zoned out losing several hours of consciousness.
    • Do you often distract yourself and block out severe emotional pain because you are afraid you’ll get worse and let yourself believe experiencing the pain will be useless?
    • Don’t let yourself be defeated by the fear of painful emotions because with help you can learn to achieve peace by finding solutions from these emotions.
    • Facing these powerful and scary emotions is, surprisingly, the way home.
    • How can you find out how to fight your depression or anxiety if you don’t allow yourself to experience the emotions and find out the thoughts or memories maintaining the pain?
    • You have within you the ability to recovery with tools you can learn if you are willing to let yourself experience the pain and discovering much more about the distorted deep beliefs and pessimistic thoughts you might not even be aware of..
    • Pasting happy thoughts in your mind without knowing what your deeply held negative experiences are hasn’t helped you yet, so what are you waiting for?

I am a licensed and experienced therapist in Orange County servicing Huntington Beach and area. I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them overcome the challenges they are facing. I would love to give you a free phone consultation and help you decide if therapy is right for you. To get started, contact me at my website or phone me at (714) 960-2490.

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