Dr. Carl Wells


I am an experienced and highly trained Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist who has been in private practice in Huntington Beach, Orange County for many years. I specialize in helping my patients regain the peace of mind and confidence that they deserve.

I work to help people make positive changes by providing a safe, supportive and trusting relationship. I can teach you to learn important self-help skills that can lead to clarity of purpose and self-confidence.

I have worked with many from the Orange County area who suffered from depression, anxiety, panic, family or marital issues, troubles with procrastination, phobias and anger management issues. I am confident in my ability to accurately and quickly understand what’s going through your mind and I am sure of my skills in the application of cognitive behavioral treatment.

Perhaps my most most important skill as a psychologist is my ability to stand in your shoes and help you by using the skills I’ve learned from helping others, including myself. I, too, once experienced painful anxiety and have applied my own understanding and training to help others learn to become their own therapists.

Don't go through your life struggles alone!


Why suffer needlessly? If you are living with anxiety, stop the pain and start healing. Call Dr. Carl Wells at (714) 960-2490.