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Stress is excessive painful physical and/or emotional reaction to your surrounding situations. You might have difficulty sleeping, find yourself flying off the handle, or have tense, tight muscles. Dr. Carl Wells can help you effectively manage your stress levels by teaching you methods of relaxation, problem solving, and effective ways to solve day to day problems that can cause stress.

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Dr. Carl Wells has been helping patients in Huntington Beach and surrounding areas with stress management for years. Dr. Wells will help you to proactively manage your stress and to better handle unavoidable stress.

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I work to help people make positive changes by providing a safe, supportive and trusting relationship. I can teach you to learn important self-help skills that can lead to clarity of purpose and self-confidence. I am available for your questions by email or by calling (714) 960-2490. I welcome the opportunity to assist you and discuss treatment options.
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