Couples Counseling, How to Pick Out The Best Person To Counsel You

Considering couples counseling? Unsure who to choose or how to evaluate your fit with a couples counselor? As a couples counselor myself, I believe that experience and Chemistry are the best guides for trying out a counselor. You can verify experience by searching for how long a counselor has been licensed and you can partially evaluate how you feel with a counselor who gives a free phone consultation and read the articles on their web site. Whoever you decided to try, then you can gauge for yourself the worth of the sessions by the results you get.


I am a licensed and experienced couples counselor in Orange County servicing Huntington Beach and area. I have worked with many clients to help them overcome the challenges they are facing. I would love to give you a free half hour phone consultation and help you decide if therapy is right for you. Find out more at my website or phone me at (714) 960-2490 for more information.

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