Grief Counseling

Manage & Cope With Your Grief

Dealing with grief can be very challenging. It is difficult to lose someone or something that you love. Grief is a normal reaction to such a loss – some become reclusive, some may feel extreme loneliness, some become angry edgy while others feel shocked and numb. The fact is, all people grieve differently. Grieving is a very personal experience.

However, recognizing, managing and addressing your grief is very important. Mismanaged grief can lead to further suffering. There are positive, healthy ways to manage your sadness or depression and there are techniques and approaches that can help coping with the grieving process.

I am a trained psychologist and therapist serving Orange County. My approach to helping you deal with your grief involves cognitive behavioral therapy, teaching you how to become your own therapist and sharing techniques for coping with and managing your grief.

If you’re struggling to cope with grief, call me today at – (714) 960-2490. I’d love to work with you to help restore the peace of mind you deserve.

Nervous about therapy?    Unsure if counseling is right for you?

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