Recognizing Excess Anxiety

Coping with anxiety is part of any normal life, but few people realize just how this psychological state can have dramatic effects on both mental and physical health. The problem with excessive anxiety is that it can be very difficult to measure, with each person only having their own experience as a frame of reference. In many cases, a person who has high levels of anxiety will feel that it is simply part of the normal human condition instead of being a problem that can be treated. However, excess anxiety can lead to very real and problematic complications, such as generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. To know when the time is right to look for a therapist Orange County solution, a person will need to be able to recognize the sources and symptoms of excessive anxiety.
In general, anxiety can come from any direction – problems at work, financial burdens, and relationship issues are just a few common examples. When worries like these start to invade a person’s thoughts at all times, it could be reaching excessive levels. The person will usually show some mental symptoms, such as being unable to concentrate on tasks or constantly having a feeling of dread at what will happen in the future. In addition, too much anxiety can also be manifested with physical symptoms as well. A person may have stomach problems, muscle tension, or be restless and unable to fall asleep as a result of the anxiety.
For a person living with excessive anxiety, the constant feelings of worry, fear, and angst can take their toll – impairing the ability to function properly in real world situations and enjoy a productive life. Those that have recognized their levels of anxiety as being abnormal should consider how an Orange County Therapy office may be able to help. General anxiety and marriage counseling Orange County options are often located just minutes away and can provide a full management plan that includes cognitive behavioral therapy as well as possible medication solutions. A visit to a Huntington Beach Therapist like Carl Wells may make the difference between struggling with anxiety or effectively dealing with the issue.

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