Anxiety Treatment by an Expert, How to Tell If you Need It

Are you still agonizing with anxiety even after reading popular self-help books or the many magazine articles with well-meant advice? You need professional help now if you cannot relax, sleep poorly, are impatient and have great trouble standing in lines or in traffic, break out in a sweat easily even if not exercising or in hot air, get angry easily, have frequent problems catching your breath or fearing your stress level is going to make you go crazy or have a serious medical problem that might result in serious harm.

You need to work with someone who is trained to listen well and prescribe specific techniques or assignments if you are still hurting after reading all these great suggestions. I can help you with these devastating blocks to leading a live of peace and productivity.

You have seen on this blog some common sense advice on getting relief and if practiced they will help you, with some things a lot. But you need me to help you think out loud and learn how to get fast relief with tools that you can continue to apply whenever you need them. However, you will need to “Slay your worst dragon” if you want to be free of this tormenting life full of fear. I welcome your questions and comments here.
I am a licensed Orange County therapist, servicing Huntington Beach and area. I specialize in anxiety treatment and have helped many patients over the years overcome their anxiety. If you want to finally do something about these painful emotions you can call me for a free phone consultation. I do not accept insurance but I do accept credit cards. I want you to be able to avoid preserve confidentiality because possibly several members in an insurance company may read information about you.

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