My Approach to Helping

My philosophy is to help people learn tools to become their own best therapists through empathy and positive support in a Cognitive Behavior Therapy structure. I help people to see the best in themselves and the “good reasons” they adopted strategies and ways of dealing with life issues to gain love, feelings of safety and hope, and how they can learn more effective ways to change how they feel, act and think.

My approach is to help those who are suffering or want to enhance the quality of life by helping them to discover choices that will lead to better results. My approach is to help provide a warm and supportive atmosphere in which the person or persons I am helping and I work together. I help others to look at their experiences in new ways through discussion and helping them choose tools and ways to measure their progress.

Concerns and Issues I Help With

Therapy Approaches I Use

Dr. Carl Wells


I work to help people make positive changes by providing a safe, supportive and trusting relationship. I can teach you to learn important self-help skills that can lead to clarity of purpose and self-confidence. I am available for your questions by email or by calling (714) 960-2490. I welcome the opportunity to assist you and discuss treatment options.
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