Stress Management in Orange County

It is no secret that life in the Orange County area can be quite stressful, with day-to-day pressures mounting up in a hurry. While there are some effective techniques for managing stress that can be done without external help, a person who has chronic high stress periods may wish to talk to an Orange County therapy office to learn how their services can be used to cope with and prevent excessive stress levels. Huntington Beach Therapist practitioners, such as Carl Wells, have an impressive track record of determining the source of the stress and creating a personalized treatment plan that works on an individual level.

Most therapist Orange County offices will start the process of stress management by finding the origin of the problem, through the use of simple interviews and consultations. In some cases, such as marital difficulties, the patient may be referred to a marriage counseling Orange County expert, but the majority of patients will be able to benefit from direct cognitive therapy that addresses how the person responds to problematic situations. By understanding a patient’s usual coping behaviors and which individual situations cause high levels of stress, a professional therapist will be able to improve the person’s response to these situations and provide advice about how to reduce or manage stressful events.

In addition to cognitive therapy by a trained professional, there are also ways that a person can change their own behavior as part of a stress management plan. The old adage that you are what you eat is certainly true and one change that can make a major difference is addressing a poor diet. Cutting out high fat content foods as well as lowering refined sugar will help change the highs and lows of a rapidly changing blood sugar level. In addition, setting aside time for exercise and relaxation will help to balance the patient’s life and better prepare them for stressful situations that may lie ahead.

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