Social Anxiety Disorder Therapy

If you suffer from social anxiety, you know how deeply it can effect your life; your ability to build relationships, your career, even your health. Common symptoms include rapid breathing, a shaky voice, trembling, twitching, a dry mouth or dizziness and fainting when engaging in social situations – everything from meeting new people or eating in public to making a phone call or using a public restroom.

While those who haven’t experienced the panic and stress caused by social anxiety may write it off as shyness, nerves or a lack of self-confidence, the truth is that social anxiety disorder is very real and can be extremely debilitating. What many sufferers don’t realize is that help is available and freedom from anxiety can be yours with the help of an experienced therapist.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is a trusted way to empower your choices and take control of living your brightest, happiest life. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and therapist serving Huntington Beach and greater Orange County. You can depend on my wealth of experience treating social fear-related conditions. I help you to become your own therapist, teaching you proven and tested techniques to help you overcome your social anxiety.

Picture yourself meeting new people with confidence, spending a night out or attending crowded events without feeling debilitating fear. No matter who you are, all of these things are within your reach with the help of a trained social anxiety counselor.

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