Anxiety Reduction Can Be Achieved and How You Became Anxious Can be Explained

Have you given up hope that you can free yourself of terribly painful anxious feelings? Help is readily available to help you to put an end to your suffering. Do you suffer anxiety that won’t go away, whether in many situations, or only certain ones? Although highly effective treatments are available from experienced therapists you might have given up hope that you could conquor these devastating emotions that rob you of the peace and quality of life you deserve.

Do you agonize over what maintains your suffering? Chances are that you are doing what comes ‘naturally’ and that you are doing the best you know how – for very good reasons. I mean you are striving for peace and security, a very good reason! But the way out of this mess requires doing some things that might very well seem as if they are the very worst way out.

Often, in treating new patients I am filled with compassion when they tell me they are scared to death of dwelling on or getting swallowed up by anxiety if they choose to purposely study their anxious thoughts and communicate them to me so I can provide the most effective treatment. I find that learning the best tools to rapidly gain control over anxiety involve being willing to experiment with disclosure of your fears. I have seen how doing this at your own pace will lead to amazing improvement.

Even though there are very good workbooks, such as Padesky and Greenberg’s MIND OVER MOOD I believe most people need the guiding hand of an anxiety therapist to help them through the process of using these well researched methods that have helped many people conquer anxiety.

I am an experiencedpsychologist in Orange County servicing Huntington Beach and area. I have worked with many clients to help them overcome the challenges they are facing. I would love to give you a free half hour phone consultation and help you decide if therapy is right for you. Find out more at my website or phone me at (714) 960-2490 for more information.

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